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Makeup Trends For 2018



Sharpen up your pout with a juicy pop of colour! The runway shows of 2018 have all featured model flaunting colorful lips in all textures. Create your personalized version with these lust-worthy lip products.

Prod1 ecstasy-shine-excess-shine---care l--absolu-rouge-hydrating-shaping burberry-kisses-wet-shine-moisturising la-petite-robe-noire-deliciously

How to do it: First, prep your lips with a gentle sugar scrub - creating a smooth, flake-free canvas is half the battle won. Second, don't skip the lip liner! A good liner will make sure the edges of your bright lip color stays crisp, and more important, doesn't run at the first sign of oil. Third, lay off the heavy eye shadow once you're done. You want people to notice your lips, rather than your smoky eyes, right?

Giorgio Armani Exstacy Shine Excess Shine & Care Lipcolor - #400 Four Hundred (Rs .2880.50)

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Hydrating Shaping Lipcolor - #325 Impertinente (Rs .2277.50)

Burberry Burberry Kisses Wet Shine Moisturising Gloss - #77 Tangerine (Rs .2110.00)

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Deliciously Shiny Lip Colour - #073 Orchid Beanie



There's no occasion that doesn't call for defined, boss-looking eyes. This year, starlets have taken that concept and elevated it to create the negative space eyeliner, which is like your normal catseye, but on steroids.

Prod2 liner-couture-precision-felt-tip 24-7-waterproof-liquid-eyeliner lasting-fine-brush-liquid-eyeliner eyeliner-effet-faux-cils-shocking

How to do it: Just line your eyes are usual, adding an exaggerated cat's flick at the ends. Then add an additional, separate line that starts anywhere above between your eyelid and eyebrow. Following the curve of your eye area, draw it outwards towards your ears so that it eventually meets up with flicked-up end of your first line.

Givenchy Liner Couture Precision Felt Tip Eyeliner - # Black

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - # Retrograde

Dejavu Lasting Fine Brush Liquid Eyeliner - # Glossy Black (Rs .871.00)

Yves Saint Laurent Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Shocking (Bold Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen) - # Black (Rs .2445.00)



This one is a carry-over from 2017, but everyone loves it so much, it's still going strong. And no wonder, because highlights are the difference between selfies that make you look like a Photoshopped celeb, and selfies that look like you're still carrying a Nokia from 2008.

Prod1 ecstasy-shine-excess-shine---care l--absolu-rouge-hydrating-shaping burberry-kisses-wet-shine-moisturising la-petite-robe-noire-deliciously

How to do it: Using a fluffy brush of your choice, dust highlighter from under the brow bone to the corner of the eyelid in a curved C-shape. Then tap it on the tops of the cheek bones, above where your blush would normally go.
If you're going for a pearlescent unicorn look, pick a white or silver-based highlighter like Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl. Want a sun-kissed golden glow? Choose a pink or yellow-based highlighter like Becca's Champagne highlighter, which flatters every skintone. Need a soft-focus glow like you've been lit from within? Match the highlighter to your skin tone like you would a foundation. Try Laura Mercier's Face Illuminator.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl (Liquid Pearl Luminizer For Face)

NARS Illuminator - #Super Orgasm (Rs .1976.00)

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powder - # Champagne Pop (Rs .2780.00)

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator - # Indiscretion



The old rules said glitter eye shadow is only for special occasions, but we know better. Sparkly, light-catching flecks are all the rage this year, and they go with just about every look. So don't save these for a big date - now's your chance to whip them out for everything from your morning jog to Friday night drinks with colleagues.

Prod4 ecstasy-shine-excess-shine---care l--absolu-rouge-hydrating-shaping burberry-kisses-wet-shine-moisturising la-petite-robe-noire-deliciously

How to do it: Dab these brilliant shadows onto your lids with a finger for a wash of gorgeous color, then go in with a brush on your lash line to intensify the effect. These shades are flattering on every skin tone, and will make you look like you're a star-touched goddess. The best part? They're tiny and can be carried in your pocket for emergency touchups. Also, if you match your nails to your eyes, you'll look super together even if the rest of your outfit is not as sharp.

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow - # Sunlight

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow - # Moonspoon (Rs .1541.00)

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow With Mini Stay All Day Liquid Eye Primer - # Metallic Lavender (Rs .1507.50)

Ciate Nail Polish -# Ladylike Luxe (Rs .636.50)



Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer  7ml/0.24oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .1,875.50 Save 2%
Rs .1,842.00
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Red Square  2.4g/0.08oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .1,808.50 Save 7%
Rs .1,675.00
Shiseido Smoothing Lip Pencil - OR310 Tangelo  1.2g/0.04oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .1,340.00 Save 8%
Rs .1,239.50


Blinc Eyeliner - Dark Purple  6g/0.21oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .1,741.50 Save 2%
Rs .1,708.00
Helena Rubinstein Spectacular Eyeliner - 01 Vinyl Black  1.7ml/0.05oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .2,880.50 Save 2%
Rs .2,813.50
NARS Eyeliner Stylo - Carpates (Black)  0.7ml/0.02oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .1,875.50 Save 5%
Rs .1,775.00
Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner - # BK 901 Black  1.4ml/0.04oz
Best Deals
Rs .2,512.00 Off Our PriceSave 28%
Rs .1,808.50


Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer - # 2 Shimmering Beige  30ml/1oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .4,153.00 Save 4%
Rs .3,985.50
Giorgio Armani Sun Fabric Sheer Bronzer - # 400 Heat  10.5g/0.37oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .3,751.00 Save 4%
Rs .3,583.50


By Terry Aqua Print Eyeshadow # 3 Peach Tornado  4.85g/1.7oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .2,545.50 Save 16%
Rs .2,143.50
By Terry Nail Laque Terrybly Gitter Glow Top Coat - # 700  10ml/0.33oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .2,009.50 Save 7%
Rs .1,875.50
Ciate Nail Polish - Ladylike Luxe (059)  13.5ml/0.46oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .1,005.00 Save 37%
Rs .636.50
JINsoon Nail Lacquer (Toppings) - #Motif  11ml/0.37oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .1,206.00 Save 3%
Rs .1,172.50
NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow - Cressida  1.5g/0.05oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .1,942.50 Save 2%
Rs .1,909.00
RRP Rs .1,741.50 Save 27%
Rs .1,273.00
Youngblood Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad - Gemstones  4g/0.14oz
Low Price Picks
RRP Rs .2,880.50 Save 5%
Rs .2,746.50
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